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Christmas on the Cape (Periwinkle Shores – Book 1) AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

Christmas on the Cape is a novella that introduces Annie Cabot’s new series set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Moving back home is never easy, especially as a newly single mother, but Rachel Adams is determined that she and her little girl, Everly, will manage just fine.

With the help of her sisters, Lucy and Hannah, Rachel sets out to build a new life for herself while renovating her recently deceased aunt’s small cottage on the bay in Periwinkle Shores, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Lovingly referred to as the Sea Glass Girls, the Adams sisters grew up collecting sea glass and listening to their aunt’s stories about the mysteries of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

After the funeral, Rachel finds that some of her aunt’s stories were left untold and once uncovered will force the women to confront the pain of past hurts and regrets.

Everly’s future depends on Rachel and her sisters making peace with what they can’t control and accepting a gift from an unexpected source.

A new series ~ A new year ~ A new cast of characters to fall in love with.

Like all of Annie Cabot’s books, Christmas on the Cape will have you laughing one minute and crying the next, but most of all, it will give you hope that no matter what difficulties you endure, there is always a new chapter waiting for you, just around the corner.


The Sea Glass Girls (Periwinkle Shores Book 2) Available on Amazon

Return to the picturesque beauty of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the poignant story of the Adams sisters – Rachel, Lucy, and Hannah – Three sisters affectionately known as The Sea Glass Girls.

A year after inheriting her aunt's cottage on Cape Cod, Rachel Adams rebuilds her life in her hometown of Periwinkle Shores. With her now two-year-old child, Everly, Rachel has finally settled in and feels a deepening love for her community.

As the co-owner of Stellar Seas Vineyards, Rachel must not only learn the complexities of day-to-day vineyard life, but she also has to navigate deeper feelings for her business partner and friend Jack Harris. It doesn’t help that her toddler and Jack are madly in love with each other.

Lucy Adams, a romance author, falls for Ethan Stanhope, the charming chef behind the popular restaurant Adagio. However, the fear of losing her autonomy drives her decisions and threatens to ruin everything.

Hannah Adams’ relationship with Oliver Mason comes to an end when he decides to travel the country in a van, leaving her to pursue her own dreams. The only problem? Hannah has no idea what her dreams are. A journey of self-discovery takes a life-changing turn when she is confronted by the truth of her identity.

As the sisters navigate their love, lives, and personal ambitions, they must also confront the demons of their past in the form of their unreliable and manipulative father, Silas, who has returned to town after his second divorce.

The truth about their mother’s death sheds further light on a mystery that no one in the family will talk about.

Amidst family secrets and betrayals, the sisters must find a way to trust each other and themselves. Will they find the strength to weather this storm and emerge stronger, or will their secrets tear them apart forever?

This heartwarming novel explores the intricacies of family, love, and trust, set against the backdrop of a quaint coastal town filled with tourists and the magic of sea glass and love.

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