Oh no, I’ve changed the date

It's true. A Captiva Wedding will now be released on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.

Unfortunately, I have no choice but to push the release date of my second book out one month. Trust me, the wait will be worth it. I'm in love with every character in this series, and A Captiva Wedding will introduce a few new ones to you as well.

So, please be patient a little bit longer. As summer starts here in the US, there is nothing better than a new beach read to warm your heart. I promise A Captiva Wedding will do just that.

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Oh no, I’ve changed the date”

    • Hi Donna,

      There are seven books in this series. Book 2 – A Captiva Wedding, will be out on June 28th.
      While not impossible to enjoy each book as a standalone I think you will get the most out of the series if you read them as a continuing story.

      Thanks so much for getting in touch.


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