Key Lime Garden Inn

High-school sweethearts Daniel and Maggie Wheeler live an idyllic and picture-perfect life in the suburbs of Boston. Daniel works at a prestigious investment firm in the city, and Maggie has been a devoted and supportive wife for over thirty years. They have five children, two boys, and three girls, and are the envy of all their friends. Everything about the Wheeler home seems full of joy and love as long as no one looks too close. When Daniel makes an announcement that Maggie never anticipated, her world is turned upside down.

With her faith in everything she has ever known completely shattered, Maggie is forced to look within to understand how she ended up where she is. When an unplanned trip to visit her friend on Captiva Island, Florida presents, she decides to use that time to come to terms with her new reality. It will take all her courage to forge a new life for herself and her family.

A trip to paradise, new friends, a beloved property, and a handsome stranger open a new world with exciting possibilities for Maggie and a belief that just when you think that you can't go on, a beautiful future awaits.

Welcome to the Key Lime Garden Inn.

Paradise is a good place to start over.

A Captiva Wedding

Sarah Wheeler knows what she wants. Marriage and children are not part of her plans. She’s seen too many marriages fall apart. The last thing she wants is to be a statistic. As for children, Sarah doesn’t see herself as the nurturing type. She’s content helping her mother run the Key Lime Garden Inn on Captiva Island and working as Director of Community Relations at Southwest Florida’s Outreach Center. Work leaves her with little time for romance—until infuriating, charming, and intriguing Trevor Hutchins distracts Sarah and throws her off balance.

Trevor Hutchins has traveled the globe. No one captured his attention or heart—until he met Sarah Wheeler. A humanitarian who thrives on making a difference in people’s lives, Trevor can never stay in one place for more than a few months. Being close to home means struggling against his controlling family, especially his capitalist father. The past is about to catch up with Trevor and threaten his plans to forge a forever relationship with Sarah.

Maggie Wheeler has her dream life. As the owner of the Key Lime Garden Inn on Captiva Island, she’s found paradise. Every morning she walks on the beach, remembering the past, but looking forward to tomorrow. With each passing day, she feels closer to Paolo Moretti, the owner of Sanibel Island’s popular nursery, Sanibellia. At 50, Maggie wonders if a second chance at love might be in her future after all.

Paolo Moretti loved Maggie Wheeler on sight. Years ago, he came to Sanibel Island from his home in Gaeta, Italy. Working with his sister, Ciara, they built a thriving plant nursery. Until now, Paolo’s true purpose lay in this work. After a traumatic year, Paolo gave Maggie the space she needed, he’s waited long enough. He’ll do whatever it takes to show Maggie that she can trust him with her heart.


Captiva Memories

Fear. A four-letter word that keeps us bound to the past, terrified of moving forward.

Christopher Wheeler would rather spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair than let Becca Powell reach inside his heart. The terror of losing another person in his life prevents him from a love that could change his world forever.

Chelsea Marsden’s carefree and free-spirited attitude serves one purpose—to hide her true feelings. Falling in love again after the loss of her husband to cancer scares her. A new romance ends before it begins thanks to his interfering adult children. Chelsea will do anything to keep from acknowledging what everyone around her already knows—that Sebastian Barlowe holds the key to her heart.

Beth Wheeler has made a career out of helping others who can’t help themselves, and yet she’s incredibly blind when it comes to her own life. Gabriel Walker doesn’t let fear control him, and he doesn’t take no for an answer. He’ll do whatever it takes to help Beth find herself, and the stability she needs once again.

Do it afraid. Three words that can empower those living in fear.

Love. One word that is the answer for everything.

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