A Tribute To otis

What can I say about a dog who captured my heart the minute he peed on my lap at twelve weeks old?

That there was nothing in the world he could do to make me mad at him? That he'd decided right then and there that I belonged to him? That it would be the beginning of eighteen years of a closeness that I'd never experienced before?

My bright, intelligent, fun-loving loyal sidekick is gone for almost one month now, and my life has been forever changed because of his passing.

I've tried, honestly, I have tried my very hardest to accept that it was his time, but I'm heartbroken and wonder how long it will be before I can see the world the way it was only 28 days ago.

I haven't figured out life without him yet. I get up every day and put one foot in front of the other and go about my commitments. Occasionally, I laugh, but mostly, I cry. There hasn't been a day yet where I haven't, although, I've been told that day will come. I'm not sure how I feel about that. If I stop crying have I stopped grieving? Does it mean that I'm forgetting him? I can't let that happen. I'm not ready.

I know there are countless others who have experienced this kind of pain. My heart breaks for every single person who has lost a furbaby, and I hold you all in my heart.

I've thought back to the times over these eighteen years when Otis would lick tears from my face. I used to think that it was his way of comforting me. However, when I look at videos of him playing and hiking with my husband, and how much he loved getting in the car to go on a new adventure, it suddenly occurred to me that he wasn't trying to comfort me at all. He wanted me to stop. He wanted me to get rid of the tears and get back to playing, back to living in the present and having fun.

So, that's what I'll remember. When the tears fall, I'll remember an amazing pup who wouldn't want me to cry but rather get on about the job of living in the present and not taking one moment for granted.

And, who knows? Maybe in time, there will be another little furbaby to keep me on my toes. I might even let him pee on my lap.

18 thoughts on “A Tribute To otis”

  1. Just a beautiful tribute. It will 9 years ago in 2 days since I said goodbye to my baby of 17 years, cat, Snickers, I still cry at times when I miss him so much but he will always be in my heart. I now have my Sky and I adore him. Our babies stay with us in our hearts forever and we have love for them all.

    • Leaky eyes. Such a beautiful, heartfelt and loving tribute to your baby. Hoping some day you can smile. Otis is always with you even if you smile or stop crying. You were so fortunate to share 18 loving years. Sending hugs! Otis will always be very special to me!!!

  2. The worst day of my life was when I had to say good bye to our little girl. Losing a fur baby is like losing a piece of your heart. Love you and I will pray you find peace in time.

  3. You have said so beautifully what so many of us feel when losing a beloved pet. The pain does lessen over time but it never completely leaves you. We all share your grief.

  4. Having had the honor of meeting Otis many times over the past 12 years I share your grief. He was such a special boy, with so much spirit. He’s always with you, even if you can no longer hold him. I know in time he’ll point you in the direction of another furkid who needs your love. You’ll always love and miss Otis, that won’t ever stop. But your heart has so much love to give, and Otis will make sure you find the anipal who will make you smile everyday again. Love you my friend!

  5. Annie, Otis lives on in your words and heart. This is a beautiful tribute to him. I feel your pain. Keep sharing, please! We want to know about his quirks and what created such deep love! Sending HEALING HUGS…

  6. UNCONDITIONAL LOYALTY & LOVE, joined at the heart. That’s what Otis gives you, every day, and he will always give you these, because love, and the soul, are eternal. His influence continues to soothe, comfort and inspire all of us every day, too. I know that, in time, if your heart and home are opened to another, Otis will be overjoyed! because his love goes on forever, for you, and for all.

  7. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Otis. My eyes filled with tears as I read it and thought of pets, family and friends no longer with us

    Yes, the time will come when you can think of Otis and smile at the wonderful times you shared. It does not mean you have stopped grieving or love him any less.

    Otis will still come to you in different ways. It may be memories brought on by a song, a smell, or something you see or do. It may be rustling leaves or that feeling of something brushing by you. It may be that middle of the night visit that is so real you know it’s not a dream.

    Above all Otis will always be in your heart. Forever.


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